Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tips for photographing children

Photographing little ones can be a big adventure, full of highs and lows! We've put together a few tips that will hopefully help you take beautiful photos of your kids.

Anyone who has ever tried to direct a child in a photo shoot knows that it can be a bit like herding cats - pointless, frustrating, chaotic, and amusing for other people to watch.

Our biggest tip would have to be - relax! Capturing the essence of your child, their quirks and their personality, won't happen by barking orders at them or forcing them to pose. Let them be the guides (while you follow at a close distance with your finger poised on the shutter of course).

Try and focus on the little things you love about them, the way they bite their lip when concentrating, the way they grip their favourite teddy, or the streaks of paint on their cheeks during arts and crafts. Let them play, run, make a mess, sing songs, dance, jump in puddles, laugh - one day when you look back on your photos you'll be glad you captured them just as they were.

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