Wednesday, 17 July 2013


We were commissioned to begin cataloging the work of a local builder who is looking to expand his business and develop a web presence displaying his beautifully built homes.

Photographing interiors in this fashion was fairly new to us and a great chance to improve our skills. In theory, with the right lens (typically something starting around a 16mm equivalent like this or this) and a tripod, photographing interiors should be easier because the subject doesn't move right? 

While this much is true, the wide angle lenses needed to capture a room also come with quite a bit of distortion at their widest end. This is where post processing with some of Photoshop's handy features comes in. 

There is also a fine line in interior or real estate photography between showing the entirety of a room in its best light, and misrepresenting the size and shape of the room completely - something to be avoided, especially if trying to sell a house!

Ultra wide angle distortion - fixed!

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